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Welcome to BearBeds, the home of the Teddy Bear and Ultra Bear Adjustable Air Mattresses. We take pride in the quality of our air beds and in the excellent customer service we provide. Our 25 plus years of experience working with the RV industry gives us the know-how to help RVers choose the mattress that is right for them. All of our beds include a factory direct twenty five year warranty (no kidding) and a 30 day money back guarantee. Our prices are unbeatable and our customers come first! We offer high-quality, comfortable, adjustable airbeds factory direct to retail customers at prices well below normal retail. Please take a moment to read about our way of doing business, which includes our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our exceptionally comfortable air beds use internal air inflators, making installation in your RV a breeze. And because they are designed to work without a box spring, they work perfectly on the wood platform in your RV. Each mattress is shipped vacuum compressed in a single, manageable box. Installation is incredible easy! Simply lay the compressed mattress on your sleep platform, cut the plastic that encases the mattress, allow the mattress to unroll, then plug it in and inflate the dual air chambers to your preferred firmness level. It's as easy as that! No assembly required.

BearBeds are significantly lighter than traditional coil spring mattresses and infinitely more comfortable. Our air beds will change your life on the road. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers sleeping on our air beds all over the United States. Join them today!

Click the images below to read more about each model. We encourage you to chat with one of our sleep experts; we'd love the chance to answer your questions and help you find the air mattress that is right for you. Or if you'd prefer, email us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear adjustable air mattress includes a high-quality, beautifully designed, stretch knit plush top. The removable, refreshable Advanced Smart Top design breathes, meaning it allows air to pass through for a cool and comfortable night's sleep. Beneath the cover lies a contouring, super soft, 5-zone anatomic support layer. And of course, the core of the Teddy Bear is the dual control air system that includes our double-sealed, square pillowtop designed latex air chambers and digital controls with 50 scientifically accurate comfort settings. An internal inflator means no hoses to deal with or try to route through your bed platform! The Teddy Bear is a lightweight, affordable, and incredibly comfortable adjustable air mattress that will change your traveling life forever! Give it a try today! You'll be glad you did.

Ultra Bear

The Ultra Bear adjustable air mattress uses a two-sided comfort layer that can be reversed depending on your preference. One side of the comfort layer is memory foam and the other is latex-infused foam. If you prefer the conforming support of memory foam, place the memory foam side up. If you prefer the resilient support of latex, place the latex-infused side up. The ultimate in customized sleep! Instead of burying these expensive sleep materials under multiple inches of less expensive poly-urethane foam, the incredibly soft, zoned, stretch knit cover of the Ultra Bear adjustable air mattress works with the dual-sided comfort layer to maximize its positive properties. As with all BearBeds, the Ultra Bear sleep system includes our latex air chambers and internal inflator - no hoses to deal with or try to route through your bed platform!

Every BearBed adjustable air mattresses is designed and engineered in the U.S.A.

Environmentally responsible and healthy CertiPUR-US certified foam. Visit CertiPUR-US.

Compare BearBeds to Sleep Number Beds and see why BearBeds is the obvious choice for your RV.

Rest assured! Every BearBed includes our incredible 25 year limited warranty. Read more.

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