Adjustable Air Beds Designed for RVs!

The Teddy Bear Air Mattress Internal Pump BearBeds DO NOT have an external pump or external hoses. Instead, BearBeds include and internal pump that connects to the air chambers WIHTOUT hoses. This means you can place your new BearBed directly on your RV's wood platform. There is no need to figure out where to put the pump and how to run the hoses to the mattress. And because you don't have to cut holes in your platform or use valuable storage space to house the pump, your new air mattress will not negatively affect your use of your RV bedroom. And lifting the access door to the platform storage beneath your mattress is easy with a light weight BearBed. And if you buy a new RV and want to take your BearBed with you, it's as easy as pie. No need to "uninstall" your BearBed and reinstall in a new RV. Just take it with you and place it on the platform in your new RV and plug it in. Easy.

The image below shows two views of the internal pump and how it fits within the foam rail: The Teddy Bear Air Mattress Internal Pump

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