Adjustable Air Beds Designed for RVs!

The Teddy Bear Air Bed Mattress Cover The cover on the Teddy Bear dual adjustable air mattress is a beautiful, stretch knit, plush top. The Teddy Bear's incredibly soft, breathable cover material is temperature neutral, helping you sleep cool and comfortably all night long. Gorgeous quilting and grey/black slate side panels give the Teddy Bear a classic look, while contrasting basalt grey Advanced Topthreading and accent faux straps add an exciting, modern feel. The Teddy Bear's cover includes a double, self-mending zipper that provides maximum accessibility. The top quality zipper is very durable and will give years of quality service. If a zipper separates, simple re-zip to repair.

The Advanced Smart Top design means that not only are the interior components of your air bed easily accessible, but the cover itself is removable, refluffable, and refreshable. Try doing that with a normal coil spring mattress!

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